The Sale of the Century

My intensions when importing the Century was not to start a vehicle importing company. It wasn't intended to bring here just flip it for a profit. I surely did not import one to sit here and write a blog about it either. I am no writer so please forgive my lack of professionalism. Honestly, I imported the Century because I love the vehicle itself. I have always had an infatuation for large luxury flagship sedans. When I first read about the Century I knew I wanted it.

Toyota Century

So, my first import and as of this writing, still my favorite. Not just because it was my first but it was a car that I knew in my gut that was special.

When I first got into Japanese cars, it was when I was building my VIP ls400. I quickly fell in love with the culture. I loved the build quality and the reliability that Toyota/Lexus provided.

Long story short, my ls400 build was cut short when my wife and I decided to buy our first home.

So after settling into our new home I get the idea to import a Toyota Century. I have always been a big fan of this car. The pride and craftsmanship that go into these vehicles is unlike any other Japanese automobile ever offered.

So as I am looking around for a Century, I am also toying with the idea of potentially starting my own importing business. The vehicle I chose would be my means to learn the ropes of bringing a car over sight unseen 7,000 miles away!

A daunting process but fortunately at the time, the Centurys were selling in Japan dirt cheap because nobody was buying them. I looked at collector car sites and auction sites, no price history to be found. The only people that had Centurys in the USA were enthusiast that imported their own with no intentions selling.

So my decision was made. The Century was a great choice. I could get a great car at a dirt cheap price. If anything happened in the process of importing, if I did the paperwork wrong and my car was seized, I would only be out a few thousand dollars.

Or if nobody bought it, I would be stuck with a Century. (Darn)

So after about a month of just waiting for the right Century to pop up, I finally saw it. Not only was the car in excellent condition, it was a rare color combination. Red with Red interior. And on top of all that… Low Low mileage.

When she first landed it was love at first sight. The photos I poured over on google images and all the videos I watched on YouTube could't prepare me for what I finally saw in person. The Century was certainly like no other. In person, the body lines flowed and the attention to detail kept you walking around spotting all of the unique hand crafted details. The more I looked at it and the more I drove it, I understood why this was Toyota's flagship sedan. What makes it better is that Toyota never offered the Century in any other country but Japan.

So long story short and as you will see in the video, my Century became the highest selling VG40 in the USA. And from there I continued to import the vehicles I personally like.