1994 Honda Acty Truck

Our 1st client ordered mini truck! Customer reached out to us and initially wanted to purchase our tan demo truck (as most do).

After explaining that the demo truck was not for sale, we could easily replicate the modifications and add his personal touch to a bare stock truck.

This worked out to be a great idea because we just received a 94 Attack trim that we recently completed all maintenance on. ( See below )

Since the truck was road ready, all we needed to address was cosmetics.

First thing to be done was a full tear down of the interior. This allowed us to clean and prep for a full interior color change. Since the exterior will be painted tan (Stone Grey), we will black out all the white body panels and dye all of the plastics.

Due to the customer’s desired completion time, there wasn’t time to reupholster the seats. Instead we dyed the seats desert tan to compliment the exterior paint.

Despite the tear in the driver seat, the interior is dramatically changed. Much better than the faded dirty stock interior!

Moving on to the exterior for some relatively easy modifications. First is to paint. Our customer owns a diesel Mercedes Sprinter van painted stone grey and he wanted something to tow behind it that matched as well.

After paint, a spray in bed liner was installed. This bed liner comes with a lifetime warranty and looks great as well!

Then our roof rack and light bar was attached along with a rear facing LED bed light. Visibility will certainly not be an issue here.

Finally the best part arrives. Wheels, tires and lift kit! Once the truck is cleaned up and the final tweaks are made, it’s a great looking rig. Just like our customer’s Sprinter van, he went with the full size spare as well and sits it in the roof rack.

Now we deliver the truck to Alabama to the customer’s home. Turnaround time on this project was about 3 weeks. Needless to say, he was very impressed and super happy to have his built to order Acty in his hands.

Best of all. This truck is titled as a pickup and that was easily transferable to Alabama with no issues. So this isn’t just a toy like a golf cart. This can be driven on any road!

Hope you enjoyed this quick read and we hope to inspire you on your next build.

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