Toyota Land Cruiser


SOLD FOR $25,000

This 1979 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ41 was only produced for the JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) and was previously owned by a private company before being directly imported from Japan in February of 2016. It was meticulously maintained, always garaged, and the odometer has been independently verified by JEVIC (Japanese Export Vehicle Inspection Center) at 35,287 converted miles.

This beautiful truck is mechanically 100% factory original, with the bright red paintwork being the only cosmetic update. As shown in photos, the body panels are straight and show good gaps throughout. Weatherstripping is soft to the touch, and the glass is clear and undamaged front to back.

A peek under hood reveals the rarely-found 2B 3.2 liter inline four cylinder diesel, and it's mated to the H41 four-speed manual transmission. The 93 HP engine maintains all of its OEM parts, starts easily and pulls strong, while the transmission and clutch engage smoothly with no grinding, slipping, or other issues. The transfer case shifts power seamlessly, while fluids have always been serviced on schedule. Additionally, all supporting documentation will accompany the truck.

It recently completed a 75 mile highway journey with no issues to report.
The OEM suspension gives a firm ride like any old Land Cruiser, but the springs and bushings are in great shape, with no excessive bounce felt or squeaks to be heard. The current rolling stock is approximately 23 years old, but still has 95% tread life remaining, is soft and supple, and has no dry rot or tread separation evident.

All gauges and accessories are functioning, and though the heater blower motor is operable, a judicious buyer should have it replaced at some point as it is on its last legs.
The engine bay could use a cosmetic detailing to bring it up to par with the rest of the truck, but is completely functional as noted before.  On the underside, the chassis shows no sign of rust or road grime, and appears just as well cared for as the rest of the vehicle.

Jonathan DarabosSold