1992 Honda Acty Street G Limited

The Street G is the upgraded trim for the general population. The interior layout is basic but well thought out. There is more room up front than one would imagine and the ahead of its time design of the rear fold flat seats, that has only recently been seen in North America on newer SUVs, provides more than ample room in the cargo area to haul pretty much anything.

 The exterior is decent overall considering its age and use.

The interior is in good condition. All panels and trim pieces are present and intact. The front seats show some fading but have no rips or tears. The panels are in great shape and the carpet is free of any major stains. The dash is free of cracks and bubbles. Overall the interior has been well kept considering these vans were primarily work vehicles in Japan.

Mechanically this van is in good shape with just 40k original miles. Powered by a 660cc 3 cylinder engine, you can expect to get upwards of 50 mpg in this little Kei van. The engine starts instantly, and the auto transmission shifts smoothly. 

Street G version of the Acty van

40,000 miles


No Accident or repair history.


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