1992 SUBARU SAMBAR 4WD #5181


Since its introduction in 1961, the Subaru Sambar has used a rear engine, rear wheel drive format (with optional 4WD from 1980 on), with the first two generations using the air-cooled engine from the Subaru 360, and later generations using the water-cooled engine from the Subaru Rex, Vivio and the Pleo.

The Sambar was the first Kei truck in Japan that used a cabover design, with the passenger cabin over the engine.

Most of the popular imported Sambar’s are powered by a 660cc engine that is mated to a 3 speed automatic or 5 speed manual. A 57 hp supercharged version is available along with selectable 4WD models.

Special addition appearances packages included the retro looking “Dias Classic” which is a flat front fascia with Volkswagen emblems as the design was sourced from the German manufacturer.

1992 Subaru Sambar #5181 (non AC Equipped)

Excellent condition inside and out. 4WD at just a push of a button. Truck is 100% road ready and needs nothing.

Transmission 5-speed Manual with Ultra Low gear

Wheelbase 74.2”

Length 129.7”

Width 54.9”

Height 69.3–74.6 “

Curb Weight 1,499.1–2,182.6 lb

Joshua DiVirgilioSold