1991 Mitsubishi MiniCab AERO ROOF!

This Minicab is equipped with the Super Aero Roof and provides an excellent open air experience. The 5 speed shifts as it should. AC blows ice cold. New tires have been installed as well to make this MiniCab road ready!

A larger and completely redesigned Minicab (U40-series) was released in 1991 to take advantage of tax regulations allowing for increased dimensions and engine capacity of kei vehicles. Three new 660cc engines were introduced: a 4-valve SOHC unit, a 5-valve DOHC unit and a 2-valve SOHC unit. Across the range, there was a total of 66 possible model variations. This included a new variant, the retro-styled Bravo Route 66, however, one previous variant, the high-roof truck, was discontinued. 723,772 fifth generation Minicabs were built. 

Joshua DiVirgilioSold