1993 Honda Acty Truck 4x4

The Honda Acty may be the most fun "work truck" you can put your hands on these days. The small stature makes is both amusing and practical around town. They also make awesome little farm trucks instead of a traditional side by side.

Powered by a 660cc 3 cylinder the Acty is more than capable around town. The motor fires right up and idles smoothly. The 5 speed manual engages with ease. The rev happy little motor pulls surprisingly well in every gear. Due to the nature of the Kei trucks it's fantastic on gas mileage. Fitted with Honda's Realtime 4WD system and weighing in around 1,500lbs makes it easy to maneuver off road. Currently it's sitting on the stock 4x100 12" wheels but could easily be swapped out for something more sporty.