1991 Honda Acty Van EX

With every option available, this Acty Street is ready to go. 

This 1993 Honda Acty Street is a 4WD example powered by a 660cc three-cylinder paired to a 5-speed manual transmission, is optioned with twin sunroofs and air conditioning. This Acty is sold with a recent Shaken inspection, Japanese service stickers documenting past mechanical work, and a Florida title. The stock graphics and trim are all still in place, and the expansive glass is all in good condition. Some dings are present.

The simple cabin is appointed with brown velour, carpets, and plastics. The dash and door panels appear free of cracks, and the seat upholstery looks to have been well cared for. All gauges work correctly and that the A/C does kick on and appears to work.

The rear seats fold fully flat, affording this compact van a fairly large, useful cargo compartment. The rear carpets show little evidence of wear, and painted interior surfaces show well. The sheetmetal below the carpets is clean and straight as shown in the gallery below.

The twin sunroofs work correctly and contribute to an airy feel in the cabin.

The 660cc three-cylinder is mated to a 5-speed transaxle and full-time four wheel drive system. Service stickers are present along with a the record of the most recent Shaken, which is good through 2017. 

Joshua DiVirgilioSold